Buy Boxing Gear Online

We have boxing gear and will also be adding some fighting gear for MMA, kickboxing etc., as they all have boxing in them.

The gear you will need to prepare yourself as a boxer is available in stores, online, and usually through boxing clubs. They can obtain discounts on bulk orders from club members and discounts because of their affiliation, but internet shopping is probably the best way to access discounts.

Touching and holding boxing gear is often preferred by shoppers before they are willing to make an investment unless they are familiar with a brand already. The best way to gain familiarity is by using what a club has to offer their newcomers and drop-ins. If you commit, you will be expected to buy your own.

Best Gloves For Beginners

Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro

I have tried a few different gloves, and actually just purchased my third pair of these. I noticed that they protect my hand the best when hitting the bag or mitts, and they are also reasonably soft, which is ideal for sparring, especially your sparring partner.

I tried to find out what the difference was between sparring gloves and bag gloves, and honestly wasn’t able to find a definitive answer, but what I can tell you is that the bag gloves that I bought have stiffer padding, and so it would be harder on your sparring partner’s face, and it is also a bit stiffer on your hands on the heavy bag. My hands are less sore when I use the Revgear gloves.

This is the most important purchase in the beginning when you start boxing training, whether for fitness, or to actually fight, as the added hand protection helps beginners who are learning how to punch correctly, for if you land with your fist at a slight angle, or don’t have enough padding, you can hurt your hand.

My ring finger on my main punching hand always had red lines on it when I used the Title Platinum gloves, and I just figured that was normal, but when I started using the Revgear gloves, it went away.

The Title Gel gloves are a nice glove, although mine weigh over 20 ounces, and are supposed to be 16 ounces, and I have read this in a lot of reviews on the those. They are also a bit of a pain to put on with the direction of the velcro strap.

The Revgears also weigh exactly 16 ounces.

Boxing Benefits

An additional benefit of boxing and other disciplines like the ones mentioned below is that women feel less vulnerable when they know their own strength. Meanwhile, punching seems to relieve tension and promote healthier moods in both men and women. Boxing promotes discipline among youngsters too.

Boxing workout are also an amazing to build muscle and get your cardio in, in a serious way. Just look through YouTube videos of celebrities and fitness models doing boxing workouts, and you’ll get the idea.

Sweaty Boxing Gear

Here are some of the items a boxer or boxing club will want to have on hand. Some of them cross over into other disciplines. No one wants to share boxing gloves and safety equipment for long; it gets sweaty and smelly. Buy your own and prevent the crossover of germs, not to mention the “yuck” factor.

Boxing, MMA, and Martial Arts

Certain training items are useful in multiple sporting disciplines. Mitts can be used to learn how to throw punches with precision and good self-defense. They are needed by kickboxers, boxers, MMA fighters, and students of specific martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

Skipping ropes help anyone in any sport stay in shape. Skipping offers an amazing cardio workout, is portable, wireless, and so low-tech anyone can use it. Even if mom or dad gets bored with a skipping workout, the kids love rhymes and games.

Defend your head from punches and high kicks with protective head gear for boxing, martial arts, and kickboxing. These are comfortable, feature openings for perfect vision, and are lightweight for carrying to the gym. Head gear is sold in several colors as well as basic black to match other equipment you might use in any discipline.

Boxing Gloves

These are available in multiple sizes for men, women, and young boxers. Gloves are also made particularly for fighting, practicing, or for hitting a punching bag. Their composition differs for each purpose. Remember to wrap hands inside of gloves to protect fingers against the impact of constant hitting. Gloves pad and safeguard fingers and your opponent’s body to a point, but they do not fully protect.

Boxing Bags

The several types of boxing bags satisfy speed and power punches plus other moves for other disciplines. A stand-up bag is great for kicks, but hanging bags are best for punches. Use a large bag to experiment with close-up jabs, crosses, and hooks. The small bag is a speed bag needed for fast punching.

This works coordination and precision. A non-boxer would be surprised how easy it is to miss that bag when it is bouncing around quickly. A lot of boxing practice takes place at home or in the gym without a partner, but the bag acts like an opponent, providing a “face” and a “body” to land punches onto.

Strengthening Hands

A boxer’s hands and wrists are under tremendous pressure constantly. Strengthen fingers and wrists with grips. Adjust the tension and squeeze until the two handles meet. These are also good for anyone suffering weakness due to a medical condition or because he or she lacks fitness.

Women are advised to use these grips whether they take part in sports or not as a way to strengthen their wrists. Their risk of breaking a wrist increases considerably after the age of 45.

Boxing is also considered an excellent sort of fitness training for women in their 40s as it promotes mental agility, fitness, muscle and bone growth. Men and women are both losing muscle and bone as they age, but exercise helps prevent loss and also keeps the mind sharp.

Weighted Accessories

A boxer has to be very fit and strong; light on his feet but powerful behind his fists. He will incorporate weight-bearing into any activity he can, including a daily walk, a jog, or housework. In order to turn a boring job into a workout, he can put on a weighted vest. This fits under clothing if you want to hide it, but the vest can also be worn outside of clothes.

It is a matter of preference and whether you want to answer questions from people you pass on the street or not. Performing routine tasks becomes much more draining when more weight is added to your existing mass, but the additional weight is close to your body in order to limit strain to your heart which is doing most of the work.

Slimming Belt

This piece protects your abdominal area; the core which includes back muscles and oblique muscles. The back is vulnerable to strain when a person does not know how to tuck in the pelvis and maintain solid posture. One’s core is probably the first thing to be forgotten in the heat of the moment, but a slimming belt forces you to remember: tuck in the pelvis and hold in abs.

Athletic Clothing

There is such a thing as garment technology, a wireless sort of engineering which makes clothing more acceptable to athletes. It breathes without making you cold; insulates without letting you sweat. Boxing clothes are comfortable for movement through a full range and completely non-restricting but also light and shiny. Order personalized tops and shorts for competition days and also to make sure two sweaty boxers of the same size don’t accidentally swap items.

Shopping for Less

As mentioned above, volume orders save you money. Online orders are cheap compared with purchases at the athletic store in town. Also, when you use the internet, look for coupons first. Codes can be found on websites hosting general or athletic discounts and will win you anything from a few percent to several dollars off of a purchase. These coupons are free to use and don’t require a scanner; they are typed in at the checkout.