Adrien Broner Jesse Vargas Media Events Cancelled Because of Beef With Rapper?

This is a pretty bizarre turn of events. It is said that the media events, such as the media workout at Gleason’s Gym for the upcoming fight card headlined with Adrien Broner vs Jesse Vargas have been cancelled, primarily because of a beef between Adrien Broner and a rapper named 6IX9INE, who some say has gang affiliations, with the Bloods.

It is such a strange situation to think that a professional boxer is backing down from a rapper. Of course we know that isn’t true, and it would have been the management who cancelled it, but the idea is still there.

It also is said to have been influenced additionally by the beef between Jermall Charlo and Gervonta Davis, who ended up basically threatening each other, as Gervonta said he has a lot of friends in Baltimore, and Charlo said that he too has friends in Baltimore, and something along the lines that he also runs New York. Then Gervonta said that if you lay a hand on me, you won’t fight another day of your life.

Anyways, the latest news claims that this is not why the events got cancelled, nevertheless, they apparently are, as I know someone who was planning to go to Gleason’s for the media events and was told that they aren’t happening.

Here is a video by Dontae’s Boxing Nation with his opinion on it:


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