Errol Spence TKO’s Kell Brook & Wins The IBF Title & Calls Out Keith Thurman

I have been looking forwards to the Errol Spence Jr. and Kell Brook fight for the IBF Welterweight title for some time, after seeing Errol’s last few fights against Chris Van Heerden, Chris Algieri and Leonard Bundu, three very respectable contenders, all of whom have held titles.

The commentators would sometimes talk like they wonder what would happen when Errol faces a serious top contender, but none of those guys are anything to scoff at.

Chris Algieri lasted 12 rounds against Manny Pacquiao, Leonard Bundu went 12 rounds against Keith Thurman and Chris Van Heerden had won and defended a number of titles, and Errol finished them all before the 9th round.

Going by those stats, along with his amateur background, including some respectable Olympic fights in the 2012 Olympics, I wasn’t surprised that he beat Kell Brook, although it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park by any means, and it wasn’t

Errol Answered People’s Questions

People wondered if he could stand up to the punches of Kell Brook, and he did that quite well. He said he wasn’t ever hurt by any, but he did look a little stunned from a few, though he continually marched forward like a warrior, and went back at Kell after many exchanges, and Kell did the same. It was a very close fight through the first 6 rounds, and Kell likely had the lead, but then the fight started to change into the second half of the fight, which answered some more questions.

People also wanted to know how Errol would do in deep water going into the later rounds. Errol gained a lot of respect here, as the fight progressed, because after the 6th round is when he started taking the lead, and by the 10th round, Kell was going to need to do something drastic to gain back the lead on the scorecards.

Eventually Kell had to take a knee since he wasn’t able to see out of his eye and was having double vision. Oddly, his left eye looked just like his right eye did after his fight with Gennady Golovkin, and it looks like he broke the orbital bone, just like in the GGG fight, which is a shame, coupled with the fact that his spotless record is now tarnished by 2 losses back to back.

They are talking about him moving up in weight now, and Kell didn’t indicate anything definite like that, though the idea of a fight with Amir Kahn seems a good possibility in the future for Kell, once everything is OK with his eye.

Time For Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman?

Errol called out Keith Thurman after the fight, and Keith responded soon after on Instagram:

‪Congrats EJ, but there is no true 👑 until you see me. #OneTime ‬

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Errol is interested in title fights now, and belt unification, and Thurman is who he has his eye on, although Keith just had surgery on his elbow, and so he’s out for a few months. He did say he hopes to fight again by the end of the year. That should be another good one. It’s almost a shame that one of them will have to lose, but that’s boxing.

There is also Lamont Peterson and Manny Pacquiao who are also current welterweight champs, at the time of this post.

Interim Title Defense Fight With Danny Garcia Or Shawn Porter?

With the Keith Thurman fight likely not happening until the end of the year, or even perhaps 2018, depending on how Keith’s elbow recovers, interviewers asked Errol what he thought about a potential fight with Danny Garcia. He said he’s focused on title fights, but since Keith’s is a way off, and he isn’t going to just wait on that, a title defense against Danny Garcia, or even Shawn Porter is in the realm of possibility, if it is in Errol’s hometown (he’s likely had enough after traveling over to UK for the Brook battle).

They did ask if he would come back to the UK and he said yes definitely, but right now it’s about the welterweight division, defending his title, and getting more titles, and the titles are all in the US, and so he hopes if his next fight is a title defense, and that it will be near his hometown, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, and if Danny or Keith is willing to come to Dallas, then ‘we could make that happen’.


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