KSI vs Logan Paul – Biggest Fight Of 2018?

So recently I learned there was a legit boxing match between two YouTubers, one named KSI and the other was Paul Weller. I looked it up and it turns out they fought at the Copper Box Arena and had a legitimate fight with decent commentary etc. I’m not an avid fan of UK boxing, but I think the commentators may have been legit professional commentators.

One thing that Jumped out at me was the view count of this video, which is currently over 17 million views:

That is pretty crazy. Granted KSI has more than that many subscribers, it still is a ton of views however you slice it.

As a comparison, if you do a YouTube search for Floyd Mayweather, and search by view count, his most viewed video is one against Conor McGregor, which has 12 million.

It is on this basis that I am speculating that this fight of KSI vs Logan Paul could be considered the biggest fight of 2018. GGG vs Canelo looks like it may happen now that Canelo has submitted and passed a hair follicle drug test which appears to have cleared him of that accusation, yet overall, I suspect this one could be bigger in overall attention (of course, boxing aficionados will say GG vs Canelo, or perhaps Wilder vs Joshua would be the biggest boxing matches, and fight fans in general may say Floyd vs Conor in the Octagon will be the biggest fight, if it happens in 2018, which seems unlikely).

Also, on the undercard of this fight, are the siblings of each. LOgan’s brother Jake is slated to fight KSI’s brother Deji.

Both Logan Paul and KSI are famous YouTubers, and have been using their resources to train with professional boxers and trainers, which makes it pretty interesting, as to how much they can improve in a few months to prepare for their match in August. I’ve watched footage of KSI training with Mike Bisping, Chris Eubank Jr. and Floyd Mayweather senior. Logan has been training with Ricky Funez of Ten Goose Boxing.

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