Tons Of Rival Gloves Are Sold Out Everywhere

Not sure the reason, but I am having trouble finding a pair or Rival gloves that I like, since everywhere I have looked has been sold out of the ones I want.

This is becoming a theme when I find something I want to buy, as an example, I started looking up the Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag, and also made a post about how those too are sold out everywhere.

Due To Popularity?

I wonder if it may be that they are selling them faster than they can make them. They do seem to be glove I see the most when watching pros. Vasyl Lomachenko just won a big fight against Jorge Linares, and Rival made a glove branded with his name.

I have to believe that they are just having trouble keeping up with demand, since I see decent reviews on these gloves, and see fighters wearing them a lot.

Just Missed These

I was looking on Amazon last night and almost bought a pair of 16oz Rs11Vs. I loved the color, but on the Rival site I didn’t see it and wondered if they could be a knock-off.

Here’s what they look like:

And if anyone from Rival reads this, I hope you bring back this color combination, that alone has me pretty much sold on it.

Anyways, since I need a pair, I went with old faithful, my third pair of Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro gloves, as they have the best hand protection I have found so far with gloves. I have a couple other pairs of gloves as well, and so far I like the Revgear gloves the best overall.

Others I have tried are the Title Gel, Title Platinum, and 12 oz Rival RB11 bag gloves. I also have a pair of Ringside gloves on the way, as I saw they had a 50% off coupon for one item, so I got a pair of $85 gloves shipped.

Anyways, I hope that some of the Rival RB11Vs come in stock, or the RS2V.

Leave a comment if you know anything, or know of a good place to get them who has them in stock.

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